Holistic Healing

We support holistic healing: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Physical consists of body health, including brain health. Emotional consists of our ability to identify, accept, and regulate our emotions, including stress, anxiety, and depression. Spiritual consists of our ability to be kind, compassionate, and loving to ourselves and others. Our goal is to raise awareness of, and support others, who contribute to holistic healing and holistic health.

Our physical being does not define us, but is the platform on which our being is built. Our physical health, and especially our brain health, has significant impact on our emotional and spiritual health. Our physical being, including brain chemistry, impacts the way we receive, process, and give information from, and to, the rest of the world. We are not at this time experts in physical health, but we support and applaud the work of medical practitioners, nutritionists, psychiatrists, researchers, and other people and entities that contribute to physical health, including brain health. We neither endorse or reject the belief that the mind can cure physical ailments – we have no position on this subject, we have no expertise in this area. We do believe though, that mind health is important, at least from the perspective of addressing the holistic being.

Our emotional healing and health is part of overall cognitive health. Cognitive health also includes spiritual health. We focus emotional health on common human ailments: anger, anxiety, stress, depression, etc. The emotions that cause us suffering, the three most significant and correlated being stress, anxiety, and depression, which we refer to as SADness. Emotional health includes the ability to identify emotions, identify the source of emotions, accept emotions, manage emotions as they rise, crest, and fall, and stay focused on the present, the only place that we actually live.

Our spiritual healing and health deals with bringing into our consciousness the unconscious beauty we are all born with, and nurturing it so it blooms in our hearts, becoming part of our automatic responses to life as well as our deliberate mindful responses. The foundations of spiritual health are self-acceptance, self-care, and self-love. When we master these, we can live meaningful lives that include kindness, compassion, and love towards ourselves and others. When we master these we can recognize the common pains and pleasures experienced by all, allowing us to focus on reducing pain becoming suffering, and pleasure becoming addiction. We can also focus on joy in the present, the only place we actually exist.

To be joyful, we must be able to mindfully manage physical pain, emotional pain, and spiritual pain. With acceptance of ourselves, others, and the world, we are open to the world as it is, and open to experience meaningful living and true joy. We seek progress, not perfection. Life includes pain, this cannot be avoided, only accepted. We seek the reduction of self-imposed suffering and the opening of the heart to all that is beautiful about life, including ourselves.


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