Impermanence (6 Keys To Recovery: #2)

Impermanence permeates what we think and feel, yet our fear that these will be permanent, spirals our lives out of control. It is the attention we give to thoughts and feelings that extends our suffering, that gives transient occurrences the energy to live on and grow. Even great hardships often pass after months and years. Nothing in the physical world is permanent, not even ourselves, and in knowing this, we should have the courage to out wait the uncomfortable, and treat every present moment as precious, because one day, there will be no more present moments for our physical selves.

Thoughts and feelings can be painful, very painful, and sometimes we make them worse be dwelling on them, feeding them. Sometimes we make them worse by burying them, which creates even more serious problems in the future, when they seemingly randomly explode in a way that causes ourselves and others pain and harm. In recovery, we learn to be vulnerable, not bury our thoughts and feelings, and non-judgmentally discuss and observe them, in safe ways (we share in safe environments). We learn to become aware of what our body is telling is, what is popping up from our unconscious to sabotage us, and where our conscious minds have wandered off to. We become aware, we name/label (thinking, feeling, what kind of feeling), we non-judgmentally accept (so we can learn and grow as well as not cause further harm), and we come back to our center (so we can enjoy the present moment). Our breathing is a metaphor for all of this. Like our breathe, our thoughts, emotions, pains, and cravings rise, crest, and fall, and if we focus on our breathing, often the rising and falling of other things will occur while we do so.

Our lives seem long because of the suffering we have and maybe still are experiencing. In reality though, our lives are short, especially in the context of the cosmos. Knowing this, we should lighten up, not take life, and ourselves, so seriously. We should remind ourselves there is no perfection, things are impermanent, we can laugh at ourselves when appropriate (in a loving, compassionate, playful way), and look forward to future present moments with excitement and curiosity. Don’t be so serious, be curious, and look for the fun in all things. Be playful, because one day, the chance to play will end. If you know someone who is so depressed that they are finding it hard to play, then be there for them, support and nurture them, show them the value of a relationship, and help them to find their smile. There is nothing like a good belly laugh to distract people from their mental compulsions.

Today, I will know, that I can persevere through impermanent thoughts, emotions, pains, and cravings. Today, I will know, that life is too short for being so serious. Today, I will approach life, with curiosity and playfulness. Today, I will look for the fun in my impermanent life.



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