1440 – A Beautiful, Mindful, Experience

The purpose of myburgundyrose is to help people bring their unconscious beauty into consciousness, and then encourage it to bloom in their hearts. 1440 is all about gaining consciousness, and bringing out the beauty in all of us: love, compassion, kindness, awareness, better relationships, authentic leadership, creativity, etc. 1440 Multiversity offers a great location, beautiful facilities, unbelievable food, and of course, excellent, and wide ranging, content/activities, from some of the best in the relationship / wellness / mindfulness / spirituality / consciousness business. 1440 is the number of [mindful] minutes in a day.

The first thing you are struck by is the minimalist rooms, and your first reaction is, hmmm, this is not what I am used to. Then you realize, this is totally inline with the concept of the experience, as few distractions as possible, from what you are there to do, have an exceptional mind, body, and soul/spirit experience. One of the principles of 1440 is the idea that we must be alive to all our senses, to have the experience of living, and to be grounded in who we are. That principle starts in the room with aromatic body gels etc. The relationship experience starts when you drop off your bags, and register, which may include a personal escort to your room, vibrant eyes and joyous smiles are no extra charge, which is common throughout the 1440 team.


The next thing you experience after some campus exploration is the food. When you can day after day, fill up your tray, with all the delicious food you can eat, and still lose wight, you know you are having the time of your life! We should all eat mindfully, no matter what we are eating, but in truth, it maybe easier to do so when you are eating good food. If you have forgotten how to eat mindfully, eating at 1440 will awaken your taste buds, and remind you of the total-being nourishment that is to be found in every minute of eating; eating aligned with values, nutrition, taste, smell, sight, texture, and health.


When not in "class", there is a fitness room, yoga, hiking trails, and other ways to keep in shape. A walk on the trails is not just a fitness exercise, it is a way to immerse in nature, in doing so, be lost in it, reminding you that you/we are from nature, of nature, and part of nature – we are one. If you take the right combination of trails, you will come across what is shaping up to be an enchanting amphitheater.


The highlight and main reason to go are the programs, which are as varied as they are good, with new programs every weekend/week. An example is Dr. Elisha Goldstein's class on Uncovering Happiness. Elisha is someone who experienced suffering as a young adult, and bounced back, to become an excellent teacher of the path to taming your monkey mind, developing natural anti-depressants, and uncovering happiness (Elisha is a psychologist that synthesizes a range of disciplines and is the co-founder of The Center for Mindful Living). The scope of 1440 programming is extensive, covering many different arts, sciences, wisdom traditions, and more. You really need to check it out to get an idea, which you can at the program link. You can also pick up some books while you are there.

Construction is not yet complete at 1440, with more facilities to come, but the experience is already exceptional. The 1440 mission of helping us discover our best selves, as we define that, through an immersive, and multi-dimensional approach, has beautiful and life changing purpose; a purpose that awakens all our senses, to the potential of every mindful minute of the day.

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