Back to School Prayer

Dear God,

The name we give to all the mysteries and wonders of life; the name we give to the creative zeal that is manifest in all the beauty of life; the name we give to the collective communion of all that has been created, to all creators, and all that is beyond creation.

Thank you for the beauty of the heavens, the oceans, the mountains, forest and plains, and all that is created, all reminders of the beauty within each of us; we are the universe and the universe is we. As we share this last meal together, before returning to the structure of a new school year, we are reminded, we are what we eat, mind, body, and soul; mind, body, and spirit; everything becomes us, sun, rain, grain, and sea, and in time, we become everything.

Thank you for the insight that we should welcome all our guests, pleasure and pain, teachers alike, guideposts to fulfillment and joy. In this spirit, we practice patience, we listen deeply, we give compassionately, we forgive freely, we speak kindly, we exude gratitude, and we love generously.

As we head into a new school year, we ask for your blessings. We ask for your guidance to pursue our goals in a balanced way, living as examples of love, living in love, knowing that life’s only real priority, is love

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