The deep burgundy rose is the symbol of unconscious beauty. To live our lives mindfully and meaningfully in the present, we first recover from the wounds of the past and the fears of the future. In recovery, we bring the unconscious beauty, that lives in all of us, into our consciousness, so that we can access it. With access to it, we then let it bloom in our hearts.

Recovery Poem

The mission of recovery is to reconnect,
with the unconscious beauty in all of us,
represented by the deep burgundy rose, which in recovery, is
the rose of acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, patience and love;
The rose of rewired mindlessness;
The rose of rewired coping skills;
The rose of mindfulness.
Recovery makes our unconscious beauty conscious again,
allowing it to grow in our hearts,
increasing awareness of who we really are,
allowing us to heal ourselves with self-care,
participate in the healing of others,
strengthen and expand relationships,
and utilize the pills, skills, and practices that will,
decrease the frequency of pain becoming suffering,
decrease the frequency of pleasure becoming addiction,
by managing all our present feelings and sensations,
whether they are wanted or unwanted,
comfortable or uncomfortable,
with the ultimate goal,
of increasing the frequency of joy in the present;
the present being the only place,
that we actually live.