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Impermanence (6 Keys To Recovery: #2)

Impermanence permeates what we think and feel, yet our fear that these will be permanent, spirals our lives out of control. It is the attention we give to thoughts and feelings that extends our suffering, that gives transient occurrences the energy to live on and grow. Even great hardships often pass after months and years. … Continue reading Impermanence (6 Keys To Recovery: #2)

6 Keys to Recovery, Healing, and Growth

The next six posts will focus on 6 Keys to Recovery and Healing: Powerlessness Impermanence Presence Interconnectedness Playfulness Communion Powerlessness teaches us to let go, to accept that we cannot change the past, control the future, or control other people. We learn to conquer regrets, fears, and anxieties. We learn to accept imperfection. Impermanence teaches … Continue reading 6 Keys to Recovery, Healing, and Growth